Thailand – Fun, Drama and Entertainment

Thailand is a favourite tourist destination in South East Asia. It is famous for its rich cultural, historical and natural attractions. It is also known as the “Rice Bowl of Asia”. A package Thailand has plenty to offer a tourist in terms of beaches, shopping, heritage sites and wildlife.

Places of interest in Thailand include Bangkok, Pattaya which famous for beaches, and Phuket. Any Bangkok package must invariably include these places. Other than these three major places, there are many places of interest to mesmerize the tourist. Important among them are Grand Palace, Crocodile farm, National Museum, numerous amusement parks and Water Park. These places of interest are scattered along the length and breadth of Thailand.

When it comes to a package for Bangkok, one is besieged with tourist spots. For a tourist with a religious bent of mind, it may be the Golden Buddha or the Reclining Buddha, or it may be the famous shopping places for the modern youth. For one interested in adventure, Pattaya is the right place. One can experience snorkelling, or feel the wind with parasailing or simply walk along the beautiful, lengthy beaches. Through Adventure Motorbike Tours one can explore the wild mountain provinces of northern Thailand.

Phuket is another place that is famous for its spectacular beaches with clear blue sea. There are many beautiful small islands nearby Phuket which one can include in a package Thailand. Few of the world famous beaches at Phuket include the Patong beach and the Rewai beach. For honeymooners nothing beats the romanticism of the various places of Thailand or its enchanting night life.

If one is keen on history, then a conducted bus tour of the Golden Triangle is the ideal one. This tour runs along the borders of Myanmar and Laos and covers many ancient historical temples. This bus tour can be included as an add-on to the Bangkok Package.

Of late, Bangkok is gaining attention as Asia’s most favoured medical tourism destination. Hence, present day package for Bangkok also suits those seeking medical treatment. Bangkok boasts of very good state of the art hi-tech hospitals with sophisticated equipments along with well qualified and trained doctors. The best part of this is that it is much cheaper compared to similar treatment available in developed countries. Even the language will not pose any problem as all hospitals have English speaking staff. The treatment offered at these hospitals are second to none compared to those of western countries.

For a common tourist who has come to Bangkok for pleasure, a Bangkok Package includes visit to Bangkok Dream World, an amusement park that has all the ingredients for both children and adults alike to get enthralled! Sampran Elephant Ground and Zoo is famous for its animal shows like Crocodile Wrestling and Elephant Theme shows. One cannot leave Bangkok without a visit to The National Gallery Museum. Of course, a package for Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to the famous Chatuchang Market. Last but not the least, a package Thailand is never complete without including a visit to the Floating Market, or the traditional Thai massage and spa.

Bangkok package normally includes a visit to Pattaya, famous for its clean beaches. All tour operators offer a package for Bangkok which includes return airfare and accommodation. All-in-all, a package Thailand is well within the reach of most tourists.

Movies and Entertainment – The Definition of the Documentary Film

A documentary film is one of several creative modes, including narrative fiction and experimental avant-garde. Documentaries have a purpose, viewpoint and approach, and evolves from the formative process – as either scripted or spontaneous. Documentaries are limited to reality or actuality.

Most of the production requirements for documentaries refer to the fact that there are no sets, actors are not used, and real people, not actors, play themselves.

Documentaries have been credited thrpoughout history for having a huge impact on cultural meanings. Many film schools worldwide teach the art of documentary filmmaking. The schools and classes teach understanding the fundamental aesthetic tools of documentary filmmaking such as camera operation, sound, structure, and also the interview.

Classes will often include exercises leading to the production of a documentary film project, so that the students can learn directing and producing skills as well as learn the various types of documentary.

There are always issues that students as well as the teachers deal with in documentary filmmaking having to do with the development of ideas, preproduction and the actual production.

the students in documentary film classes view segments of videos that represent major trends in the history of documentary film making. Usually there are guest film makers who lecture in the courses to mentor and provide supplementary education.

Documentaries are a very challenging form of filmmaking, that often stir up controversies. Historically, the genre begins with the earliest films of the Lumière brothers known as ‘actuality films” – ending with the latest postmodern explorations. Classics include Flaherty, Grierson, Riefenstahl, Rouch, Vertov, and Wiseman, along with contemporary works. The documentary film course examines how shifts in social and political realities, changing technology, as well as the personalities and talents of individuals continually re-define what the term documentary means. Ethical as well as aesthetic issues are also of consideration.

Documentaries often present challenges for cinematographers who usually must work alone or in small crews. They must learn how to capture beautifully-framed, meaningful footage during low budgeta and often chaotic circumstances that usually surround the film shoot. There’s typically an emphasis on shooting cinema verité and lighting with a very small crew. Some aspects of the digital camera are shared with students as they work.

Documentary films are also a very popular art form. Awards shows have a place for documentaries and many are covered often by movie critics, as evidenced in as early as 1942, when there were four winners including: The Battle of Midway; Kokoda Front Line; Moscow Strikes Back; and Prelude to War. In 2009 a recent documentary film on military medicine – Fighting for Life is expected to win awards.

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Let Your Dancing Feet Move You to a Career in Dance and Entertainment

If becoming a professional dancer has always been your dream, there is no reason it cannot come true. You will find many who have made it to the top who overcame enormous obstacles to follow their heart and vision.

Dancing is a creative art that takes years to learn and perfect, and practice and refining your techniques is a daily struggle. If you are truly meant to dance though, this struggle gives you reason to rise up each morning, and put both a weary body and painfully sore muscles through another grueling practice session. You know that true dancing perfection is always one more step ahead of you, no matter how hard you work.

Dancing is also a talent, it comes from the very heart, soul, and mind of an individual, and it requires commitment, passion, and love for this form of artistic self-expression.

To be a dancer is to touch another person’s soul and to fire his or her imagination for even the briefest moment in time. Many people who train to become dancers would continue dancing even if they were not paid, because they simply cannot imagine a life without the enjoyment and creativity of dance.

Exactly what might be those qualifications that you will need to become a dancer? Extensive training in at least one specific form of dance is a must. Most dancers will have training in several different dance disciplines and this is the best idea of all. The more experience and understanding of dances that you have, the more capable a dancer you will become.

While many types of dance training appear to have little in common, you will find that what you learn in one style of dance will assist you in another style as well.

People who have studied ballet and tap may have difficulty in interpreting and performing some of the hip-hop dance moves at the very beginning, but their dance training will give them a great advantage as they learn these new dance steps and routines. Anyone who takes dance classes learns quickly how to move with the rhythm of the music with grace and precision.

Most people who serious about becoming dancers will begin taking dance classes at a very early age. It is not unusual to see ballerinas, or professional dancers in a troupe who have just turned 21 and have already been taking dance lessons for 17 years. While it is possible to begin your dance career at a later age in your life, you must be prepared to devote yourself to your training and dance studies.

The majority of professional dancers will have taken at least some of their classes at an accredited dance school. Some of the most elite dance academies will require an audition before admission, so be prepared to strut your stuff so that you can become a student and study with the best.

There are also a number of universities that have courses in many different types of dance movements and styles. Be prepared to find the best dancing instruction programs you can and attend class no less than 3-5 times a week. There is also home practice that will be involved in order for you to move to the top of your class.

A dancer needs to be creative, flexible, and graceful. Classes in gymnastics, posture and even modeling classes can be useful in helping you incorporate movements and elegance into your own dancing.

Some people will find work in their communities as assistants or owners of dancing schools, and others may perform in local theater productions or at benefits and festivals. Others will aspire to larger venues such as working with professional dancing troupes and ensembles, or they may set their sights on Broadway or Hollywood.

There are many places and companies that will use professional dancers, but these places want only the top percentage of dancers from around the world. While it is good to be well versed and proficient in many areas of dance, one or two dance styles will usually be your strongest performance areas. These are the ones you should try to showcase at any audition, so you will be sure that the people who are watching you will see you at your best.

Dancers can find work with ballet companies, musical theater groups, and at entertainment venues like Disney World, Las Vegas, cruise ships and other similar settings. Much of the work in the world of professional dancing is done under contract and many of the contracts may be short term. These will often stipulate the hours you must practice, the shows that must be performed, and even how much you can weigh.

If you are prepared to make some sacrifices for the chance to dance then the world really does await you, but it will take enormous effort on your part to succeed in such a competitive field. The more dance experience and education you have, the better your chance of success.

Some people today are raising their level of visibility by auditioning for some of the televised reality shows that look for dancers to appear in front of national audiences. This may be another way for you to take your dancing to another creative level.

Get Your Kids Into the Online Games Scene for Extra Fun and Entertainment

Are your kids bored with all their toys and books and looking for something new? Here’s how you can engage them in some interesting and educative pastime without fear of boredom creeping in. Explore the world of kid’s online games. Just logon to the net and be rewarded with a host of websites offering innumerable games online. Watch your child’s face light up when they see their favorite characters’ games at their disposal. Ben 10, Power puff girls, Pokémon etc are only a few among hundreds of games available. What’s more there’s a new game on almost every day! With a little bit of initial help from you, they’ll be hooked to the system in no time!

Of these Ben 10 is a massive craze among young children which is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network. Kids are captivated by popular Ben10 games like Heat Blast which involves a lot of shooting and action in getting rid of a lot of bad boys by dodging heavy traffic. Eliminate eerie aliens in your path with a super game called Alien hunter.

Have loads of fun with Spore Attack which involves preventing the spores from multiplying by spraying talcum powder at their feet! Engage in a daring one man operation with Ben10 and help him rescue his friend Gwen through a lot of underworld action in the Underworld game. Why not have a go at the various Ben 10 puzzles available online which will keep the young minds ticking away for some time. Get a hang of other Ben 10 games such as Omni Match, Blockade Blitz etc.

Besides these, there are a number of creative kids’ online games in which you can engage your child like Math, Alphabet, Labyrinth, Online painting etc. These help to channelize thought processes in a constructive manner and help in development of emotional and mental make-up of a child. Kids having trouble with math at school can take up an arithmetic challenger and try to solve it with the help of flash cards, multiple choice etc. They can play online Sudoku to test their skills.

Those interested in art have the option of doing an online painting game whereby you can paint a picture on a site and send it to your email. Make any shape or design of your choice by just moving the cursor to produce brush strokes in various sizes and spray color on them with the spray paint option choosing from innumerable colors provided in the menu.

Fisher Price IXL Learning System – Education and Entertainment Wrapped In One Fantastic Toy

The Fisher Price iXL Learning System is the iPad for kids because it really is a small computer. This exciting innovation from Fisher Price is recommended for 3-6 year old kids.

I have had the pleasure of testing this toy and my husband and I both agree (for once) that this is the toy that we will be gifting our 4 year old with this Christmas 2010. He was given the Mobigo Touch Learning System as a birthday gift and he loves it so this new addition will be an added bonus. It is just about everything a parent can hope for in a toy.

Playtime With iXL Learning System

Just based on my testing I can immediately see that kids will love it. There is so many options for using the iXL Learning System that I expect will hold the attention of almost any child or child at heart (even me).

Ease of Use:

I expect that any 3 year old would master this toy in no time. Parents can download photos and music that their children love and the games are also very user friendly for younger kids.

My other reasons for choosing this toy:

The icon based menu is easy to navigate.
The built in volume control
Sound effects are captivating
Ability to use standard usb.
The age range is good so my son will be able to make use of this game for a years.
The built is exceptional so should last a while.
The variety of software to go along with the system is good so we can change this up to keep his interest.

I have a few some small reservations though:

There are a lot of extra software available but they must be purchased separately and at around $20 a pop the costs will add up quickly.
The iXL requires 4 double A batteries so this is an added cost depending on how long they last.
The screen itself is low resolution but I do not expect too much problems there.

Here is what you get with purchase:

1 interactive story and activity
Photo album
Note book
1 Learning Game
Writing activities
Art Studio
Music Player

Available in three different colors, pink for girls, blue for boys and silver for just about anyone it is priced at less than $80 this is a great gift of fun and education that your children will love.

Hooked Rug Kits – A Fun and Entertaining Hobby

A very rewarding and fun hobby that is very inexpensive to start, has a small learning curve and a great end result, is the art of rug hooking. Creating hooked rug kits are kits that can be ordered or created yourself, which will be made into beautiful, homemade rugs. These initial kits can be ordered from a website like ebay. Once you have your kit, you will need to buy a few very inexpensive materials. You will need a needle, your favorite kind of yarn. You can also choose a colored yarn if that is what you wish your rug to look like. In addition, you will need your favorite kind of linen and some raw burlap material.

Once you have all your raw materials, the fun begins. You can hold the design and stick it to the burlap. Then, you must loop the hooks until you come to the end and start the process all over again. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet for different techniques and methods that people have successfully used to create their own designs.

Rug hooking has been around in the United States and other parts of the world for over two centuries. There are many hobbies to choose from, and creating your very own hooked rug kit is one of the best. These rugs are some of the finest rugs one can own, and you will have the privilege of decorating your house, office, kitchen, or room with something you created on your very own.

Whether you’re taking karate, judo, taekwondo, or some other form of martial arts, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying martial arts supplies and uniforms. There are many items you’ll ne…

Whether you’re taking karate, judo, taekwondo, or some other form of martial arts, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying martial arts supplies and uniforms. There are many items you’ll need to get started, but there are also many supplies you won’t need right away. If you’re not careful, you’ll overspend and buy unnecessary items. Here are some tips on how and where to buy martial arts supplies.

Buying Martial Arts Uniforms

Karate, judo, taekwondo, jujutsu, and other types of uniforms are usually available at many martial arts schools. Unfortunately, even if your school does sell uniforms, the choices might be limited. Many schools only carry certain brand names, and often have limited sizes or styles. These styles are likely designed to meet the school’s requirements, but this doesn’t mean you can’t shop around at other sources. If you need a special size or design because of your body’s build, then feel free to shop around at local stores that sell martial arts supplies or you can shop online. There are also many choices for both men and women.

Before shopping for martial arts uniforms, know what you’re looking for and what your school requires in a uniform. Know your precise size measurements to ensure comfort during training and practice. Also, become familiar with the terminology associated with martial arts. For example, the words “karategi” or “gi” are common words used for karate uniforms and are of Japanese origin. The word “judogi” means judo uniform. The word “obi” means training uniform belt. A “dobok” or “do bohk” is a uniform worn by martial arts practitioners. Knowing these terms can be useful when searching for martial arts supplies online.

Some companies will also provide martial arts embroidery, patches, crests, or badges for personalization of your uniform.

Beware of Low Quality Uniform Material

A martial arts uniform must be flexible, but also very durable because you will be moving around quite a bit. Choose material that allows you to move and breathe. Make sure the uniform has reinforced stitching and medium-to-heavy material to prevent rips during your training. You are more likely to find lower prices (but also lower quality material) at a local chain store than at a martial arts specialty shop. If you must spend less, check online martial arts stores first. Online retailers often carry quality brand names at lower prices, such as Arawaza, Tokaid, BudoNord, and others.

You can also buy used items through consignment shops, online auctions, and so forth. But again, beware of low quality items or overly used uniforms. The material might be worn or stretched if it has been used often. On the other hand, a person who took a class and quit after the first few lessons might offer you a “like-new” uniform at a very low price!

Buying Other Martial Arts Supplies

If you’re just getting started with a martial arts class, only buy the basic necessities for starters. Ask your instructor to provide a list of what you’ll need as a beginner. You should be able to test the waters to see if you will enjoy learning martial arts without spending a fortune. Get the necessary protective equipment as needed for certain training – you might not need it all at once. Protective gear includes head gear (with face cage), fist protectors, foot mitts, ankle braces, shin and instep guards, knee guards, male or female groin guards, armor, female chest guards, and gum protection.

Along with your uniform, you might need martial arts shoes and workout clothes including workout pants, sweatshirts, or tank tops. These items can be found online easily using keyword searches through the search engines or by visiting a website that sells martial arts supplies. Brand names such as Arawaza, Tokaido, BudoNordFree Web Content, and many others can often be found at one website so you can easily shop for your uniform and accessories at one place.

Shop around and gather information through online research or by asking your instructor before buying martial arts supplies. This can save you time and money as you prepare for your new sport!

Entertainment options for Tamil Expats in US

This article is going to be very useful for the Indians living in USA and missing Indian Entertainment and it also contains the available resources of entertainment in USA for Tamil NRIs.

The United States in one of those countries in the world which has a large number of Indian population. There are many Indians who are staying there for the sake of their jobs or some have moved there in order to study. The Indians who stay in Indian need a break from the regular English programs and need a change of taste for their daily dose of entertainment and this is why the Indian TV channels are playing a really good role here.

Indian TV channels for Indians in the US

Indian TV Channels have been heavily popularized by the native Indians who reside in the US. The channels that are broadcasted from India give the customers spicy flavours that they missing from their native country a lot. There are 29 states in India and almost all the states have some or the other channels from their region that can be accessed from US. There are various packages for the different programs and the customers can choose according to their regional or linguistical preferences. These Indian TV channel packages are having different rates and it makes it really easy for the customer to pick their choice. These packages are name according to the states for example the Bengal package shows you Bengali programs whereas by selecting the Tamil Package, you may see the Tamil TV channels in the United States.

Tamil TV channels in the United States

Among the Indians, one can tell that south Indians are really widespread all over the world, so are they in the United States. After Bollywood, the south Indian film industry can be considered as the second largest in India, so it is quite obvious that you can get to see a lot of south Indian TV channels in the US. There are many Tamil TV Channels in US which show various regional serials, reality shows and songs. Apart from that, you can also have an access to the Tamil Movies.

When you are wishing to see Tamil programs sitting in the US, you may also opt for watching Tamil TV Live. The main benefit of this is that it is quite cheaper to the cable connections or the satellite ones and you can be able to deliver ample programs within a single package. Living in the USFree Web Content, you can still get the feel of Indian TV at your home. Now feel at home from overseas !

Is Martial Arts Effective For The Streets?

Find out if the martial arts is geared more towards sport or for self defense. The answer in this article could save your life.

The topic of how effective traditional martial arts is in today’s world as a way of protecting oneself is still a very sensitive issue to a lot of martial artists. What is even more sensitive is the issue of how realistic and street effective is the newer styles that have come out since UFC/PRIDE have come into the picture. I am a Registered Black Belt & have nothing against the martial arts and have also studied styles such as Pankration.

I know that the techniques I have learned in the dojo should stay in the dojo because they will only work there, that also goes with styles such as the “modern day or reality based systems” they are for sport only.I work as a bouncer/bodyguard & also teach tactical self defense. Many of my students are black belts or have trained under reality based systems & have learned the hard way that what they learned in the ring or dojo is not street effective.

Their common question is why didn’t their system work? Part of the reason is that if a rule or law is applied to a system it will subconsciously hinder you when your adrenaline takes over in combat. There are no rules in the streets your mind should not have to sensor or think can I do this to beat this person? We respond exactly the same way that we train.

There is no time to switch gears from sport to tactical. If you are training and your coach or sensei says can’t hit their or no contact to the eyes your mind will remember that and store it for future reference. Your self defense system should take into account your environment as well. Can you kick your attacker in the small space your in? Can you balance yourself while performing a technique on the icy sidewalk? If you grapple with him what if he has friends coming around, what do you do then?

Street fighting or tactical self-defense should be in the simplest form of fighting. You don’t have time to play a chess game, like you would see in a UFC match. Time is not on your side in a street confrontation nor are rules or morals. What we can learn from the UFC or mixed martial arts events when it comes to reality fighting is if it has rules of what not to doBusiness Management Articles, do those things in a street fight because its got to be effective.

Information on the Art and Hobby of Keeping a Freshwater Aquarium

There are so many reasons why people decide to take up the hobby of keeping a freshwater aquarium. In our extremely busy lives, aquariums bring peace and tranquility. Fish tanks have been proven to lower blood pressure and calm us, especially after a busy day at work, dealing with the pressures of stress in our lives.

Let’s break down the word ‘aquarium’. It’s based on the Latin words of ‘aqua’ and ‘rium’. ‘Aqua means water (of course!), and ‘rium’ means a building. So an aquarium is a “water building”. What better name for a fish tank.

Aquariums are everywhere. They’re at the dentist office, at friends’ houses, at restaurants, at businesses. In Japan, Germany, the U.S., everywhere! And aquariums have been around forever, too. In Japan and China, especially, you’ll find koi ponds in the gardens where people go to relax and meditate.

In fact, keeping fish as a hobby can be found as long ago as 2,000 years ago in China, where they kept goldfish and koi in ceramic bowls. But fish were kept in ponds way before that, close to homes, where they were kept for dinner!

The types of freshwater aquariums available are endless. The choices can go from round bowls for your goldfish, to square and rectangular tanks. There are bubble tanks that mount on the wall, and wall-mounted aquariums that look like a picture with a frame that hangs right on your wall.

It’s possible to have a custom aquarium made in any shape. And aquariums aren’t just made out of glass anymore. The current trend is toward acrylic tanks. They’re lightweight, and they don’t break!

And the art of freshwater aquarium keeping doesn’t just involve buying the aquarium, filling it with water and throwing in some shells.

It really is an art form that requires some research to keep your water ecosystem healthy and happy. You’ll need to know about:

* How to choose fish that live well together
* Fish diseases
* Aquarium lighting
* What water filters to use
* Whether to use live plants or not
* Substrate – what materials to use on the bottom
* What type of tank to purchase

This is a few of the things that you’ll need to learn about and consider. But it’s fun to learn new things and an accomplishment when your fish tell you that they’re happy in their new environment.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of freshwater aquarium keeping, you might want to specialize in other areas, too. Consider whether you want to breed your fish. Or maybe you want to keep more exotic varieties, such as the betta.

And one little piece of trivia in case you wanted to know. The biggest aquarium in the world is in Osaka, Japan. It has 5,400 cubic meters of water in it, and over 580 different types of fish!