Thailand – Fun, Drama and Entertainment

Thailand is a favourite tourist destination in South East Asia. It is famous for its rich cultural, historical and natural attractions. It is also known as the “Rice Bowl of Asia”. A package Thailand has plenty to offer a tourist in terms of beaches, shopping, heritage sites and wildlife.

Places of interest in Thailand include Bangkok, Pattaya which famous for beaches, and Phuket. Any Bangkok package must invariably include these places. Other than these three major places, there are many places of interest to mesmerize the tourist. Important among them are Grand Palace, Crocodile farm, National Museum, numerous amusement parks and Water Park. These places of interest are scattered along the length and breadth of Thailand.

When it comes to a package for Bangkok, one is besieged with tourist spots. For a tourist with a religious bent of mind, it may be the Golden Buddha or the Reclining Buddha, or it may be the famous shopping places for the modern youth. For one interested in adventure, Pattaya is the right place. One can experience snorkelling, or feel the wind with parasailing or simply walk along the beautiful, lengthy beaches. Through Adventure Motorbike Tours one can explore the wild mountain provinces of northern Thailand.

Phuket is another place that is famous for its spectacular beaches with clear blue sea. There are many beautiful small islands nearby Phuket which one can include in a package Thailand. Few of the world famous beaches at Phuket include the Patong beach and the Rewai beach. For honeymooners nothing beats the romanticism of the various places of Thailand or its enchanting night life.

If one is keen on history, then a conducted bus tour of the Golden Triangle is the ideal one. This tour runs along the borders of Myanmar and Laos and covers many ancient historical temples. This bus tour can be included as an add-on to the Bangkok Package.

Of late, Bangkok is gaining attention as Asia’s most favoured medical tourism destination. Hence, present day package for Bangkok also suits those seeking medical treatment. Bangkok boasts of very good state of the art hi-tech hospitals with sophisticated equipments along with well qualified and trained doctors. The best part of this is that it is much cheaper compared to similar treatment available in developed countries. Even the language will not pose any problem as all hospitals have English speaking staff. The treatment offered at these hospitals are second to none compared to those of western countries.

For a common tourist who has come to Bangkok for pleasure, a Bangkok Package includes visit to Bangkok Dream World, an amusement park that has all the ingredients for both children and adults alike to get enthralled! Sampran Elephant Ground and Zoo is famous for its animal shows like Crocodile Wrestling and Elephant Theme shows. One cannot leave Bangkok without a visit to The National Gallery Museum. Of course, a package for Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to the famous Chatuchang Market. Last but not the least, a package Thailand is never complete without including a visit to the Floating Market, or the traditional Thai massage and spa.

Bangkok package normally includes a visit to Pattaya, famous for its clean beaches. All tour operators offer a package for Bangkok which includes return airfare and accommodation. All-in-all, a package Thailand is well within the reach of most tourists.